Issue #6 SEPTEMBER 2008

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The nation's financial system is the immediate center of attention and concern. The most recent data on developments as they impact smaller firms can be found in NFIB's Small Business Economic Trends (SBET) at These data will be updated in the next week and are scheduled for release October 14. Given the degree of concern however, the schedule is likely to be accelerated.

The National Small Business Poll devoted two issues to banking in the last few years – Evaluating Banks and Bank Competition. Both are available in full text or by question at


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The TOP 9 Questions for September 2008

6. ECONOMY – As the economy began to decline late last year and the Federal Reserve adopted the role as the principal decision-maker on economic policy, how much attention did small business owners and managers pay to activities of the Federal Reserve Board? (Vol. 8, Iss.1, Q#19)