Issue #2 May 2008

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Welcome to the second 411 letter!  The following nine questions, whose answers are available on 411, offer you a variety of facts on small business which may be of interest.  In light of the current run-up in energy prices, you may also find the information in the 411 Polls on Adjusting to Cost Increases, Transportation and Energy Consumption particularly relevant.


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The TOP 9 Questions for May 2008


1. EMPLOYEE TRAINING How many small business owners in the last three have used courses over the Internet to train one or more employees? (Q#28a; Vol 5, Iss 1)

2. ENERGY PRICES How do small business owners anticipate offsetting further energy cost increases?  (Q#23; Vol 1, Iss 4)

3. RESIDENCE How far (in minutes) do small business owners or managers typically live from their businesses? (Q#6; Vol 6, Iss 2)

4. BUDGET How many small business owners and managers prepare a written budget for the firm that projects revenues (sales) and expenses (costs) by major category? (#1; Vol 7, Iss 4) 
5. PAPERWORK What is the most difficult aspect of government paperwork for those operating small businesses? (Q#12; Vol 3, Iss 5)
6. WAL-MART PHENOMENON How many small business compete against a box store or large chain store? (Q#7; Vol 3, Iss 8) 
7. PRINCIPAL ADVISOR/CONFIDANT How many small business owners or managers have one person that they are likely to consult before addressing a serious problem or making a critical decision? (Q#1; Vol 2, Iss 5)
8. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT)  Are small business owners more likely to encounter IT problems with hardware or software? (Q#6; Vol 7, Iss 5)
9. BANKING Are banks competing for small business's banking business more today, less today, or about the same today as three years ago?  (Q#1; Vol 5; Iss 8)