Issue #15&16 June/July 2009

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411 contains material about small business in addition to the Poll questions and Poll write-ups that form its heart. The most useful additional information for most people appears under the heading "Speech Material" near the top of the home page. There you can find general statistical and other information about small firms that offers you background that can be woven into speeches, magazine articles, newspaper op-eds, and so forth. The information obtained by clicking Speech Material is available elsewhere, but this is a handy one-stop shop. Here are sample questions addressed:

How many small businesses are there in the United States?
How many Americans are trying to start businesses?
How many net new jobs does small business provide?
What share of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) does small business produce?
In what industries are small businesses represented?
Why is small business important?

Legislation that would dramatically change the way the United States finances and delivers health care occupies all of Washington's attention and much of the nation's. The impact of these proposed changes on small business is central to current deliberations and debate. This issue of The Top 9 therefore focuses on health care questions that have been asked as part of the National Small Business Poll series. FYI --The Employer Health Benefits, 2008 Annual Survey Kaiser Family Foundation at is an excellent resource for those particularly interested in statistical information on health care with an emphasis on small business.


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The TOP 9 Questions for June/July 2009
4. OWNER HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE - As the owner of this business, how do you obtain health insurance coverage for yourself? Do you obtain it:? (Vol. 3, Iss. 4, Q#1.)div>