Issue #12 March 2009

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The most recent published issue of the National Small Business Poll, Owners and Managers, examines small business management from a slightly different perspective. Professional, i.e., full-time and paid, managers are typically considered a relevant topic only for larger firms. But the employment of managers by small business owners has several novel twists which make the phenomenon more than of passing interest. Check it out!

More NFIB Research Foundation-sponsored health care research can be found on the NFIB site (

*"Health Insurance Reform in an Experimental Market," by Stephen Rassenti (Chapman University) and Carl Johnston (George Mason University). Those interested in applying experimental techniques to business decisions in contexts other than health care will also find this study worth reviewing.

*"Rising Costs for Healthcare: Implications for Public Policy," by Louis F. Rossiter (College of William and Mary).

"Small Business Effects of a National Employer Healthcare Mandate," by Michael Chow and Bruce Phillips, both of NFIB Research Foundation staff. The paper models the small business-specific economic impacts of a national employer health mandate using the BSIM module of the REMI macro-economic model.

"The Case Against Mandated Employer-Provided Employee Health Insurance," by William J. Dennis, Jr., also of NFIB Research Foundation staff.


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The TOP 9 Questions forMarch 2009
9. SALES – How important are repeat customers to small businesses?  (Vol. 6, Iss. 8, Q#2).