Issue #11 February 2009

The Top 9 from

Periodically, NFIB collects data on current public policy issues from a member sample and a population sample, and then compares the two to determine how representative NFIB member policy positions are of the population's. A survey conducted for the Foundation in December and January again shows the two very close. No statistical difference appears on 33 of the 38 issues polled with the NFIB sample more conservative on one, more liberal on two, with the remaining two issues ideologically indeterminate. The comparison is yet to be posted, but is available.

The new Independent Contractor Poll has been posted on 411. The Owners and Managers Poll has been completed, but is not yet up.


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The TOP 9 Questions for February 2009
9. IT SERVICING - How many small employers hired (on staff) one or more persons in the last three years to install, service, or repair IT hardware or software, or instruct other employees in its use? (Vol. 8, Iss. 6, Q#11).