Issue #1 April 2008

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Below is the first issue of - The TOP 9 from 411.  The purpose of The TOP 9 from 411 is to periodically jog your memory about the National Small Business Poll and its contents.  Each issue of The Top 9 poses nine questions concerning small businesses and/or their owner(s) and appends a link to the answer.

Expect to receive The TOP 9 e-mail the last Saturday of every month.  You can of course withdraw, but I have no one on the list foolish enough to do so.


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P.S. - Undoubtedly, you are asking yourself two critical questions:  why The TOP 9 rather than the more traditional TOP 10?  Simple!  I don't like David Letterman's impersonation of a comedian.  Johnny Carson remains the superior choice.  Why the last Saturday of the month?  Simple!  It's a day I can remember, and in my geezerdom, that is important.


The TOP 9 Questions for April 2008


1. INVESTMENT - What is the greatest long-term concern of small employers when they make major investments in their businesses? (click to view answer)

2. VOLUNTEERING - How many small employers volunteer to sit on a Board of Directors or hold an office in a community organization?

3. TAXES – What percentage of small employers used a paid tax professional to prepare their last federal income tax return?

4. INNOVATION - How many small businesses and/or their owners hold one or more patents?

5. ACCOUNTING - What percentage of small businesses uses the accrual method of accounting?

6. LAW - How many small, employing businesses, or their owner or manager, have been sued in a liability case in the last five years?

7. SAFETY - What do small employers think represents the greatest workplace danger to their employees?

8. BANKRUPTCY - What percentage of today's small business owners and managers filed bankruptcy at least once prior to becoming owner or manager of the current business?

9. DRUGS - How many small employers tested employees for drugs and/or alcohol in the prior three years?